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that’s some social networkin’

I’m pretty stoked that today, on LinkedIn, I got a connect request from my freshman year roommate at WVU. It’s probably been close to 10 years since I’ve heard from her. Awesome! That’s enough to make the 11 a.m. hour worth it. That and this fresh bottle of diet Mountain Dew. Mmm!


i’ll take, “saw this coming a mile away” for $500, alex

Jerry Jones: Pacman has entered alcohol treatment



to my friends back home

I hope you’re enjoying the third annual “Your Governor Made Us Play You” Bowl. The Maryland contingency of the “We’re not helping ourselves, but you don’t make things better” movement refused to pay Comcast $129 to watch the game, so I’ll be glued to my BlackBerry for updates from Milan Puskar Stadium Mountaineer Field.


this space intentionally left blank

All of my thoughts on today’s game at East Carolina can be summed up with:


like a hockey mom

Ahh, gee, Marge.

I’m actually just putting this link out here because I’m proud. It’s obnoxious, yes, but still.

Check out Brandon’s new writing job.

He’s almost Navin R. Johnson. But seriously, it’s a fun thing for him. I’m happy he’s found a niche, of sorts, up here in the “city.”

In other news, I’m pretty sure God’s mad at me for my earlier mocking of Ohio State. To remedy the situation, I’ve switched over to Lifetime: Television for Women and I’ll watch movies about some woman getting horribly wronged by some man, no doubt starring either Joanna Kerns, Judith Light or Meredity Baxter Birney, to try to atone.


Call the laywers. They’ll make it all better.


Wait … isn’t a lawyer what got us INTO this situation in the first place?

I won’t re-hash all of the WVU-Heather Bresch-we’re-handing-out-fake-degrees-to-our-connected-friends and we’re-arrogant-enough-to-not-care-what-you-think scandal. Everything you’d ever want to know about that scandal can be found here — Fifth Column. That guy, who by the way is pretty much my hero, says it better than I ever could.

However, I digress. Let me phrase it like a commercial.

Do you have a degree from West Virginia University? Do you feel like the value of your degree is diminished because you actually earned it rather than had it handed to you with a wink and a nudge? Is the only remedy you can think of suing the bastards with a big check at the end? Call us.

A law firm in Charleston is running ads kind of like that … maybe not as crudely worded, but the theme is the same.

Class action suit possible over value of WVU degrees

OK, I’ll admit — the thought of a West Virginia payday is tempting. Hell, half of this state is waiting around to sue someone for some jackpot justice. Maybe it’s my turn!

But you know … it won’t matter. I got a great job that starts in 10 days in Washington, D.C. — a job I got with a West Virginia University degree. Sure, the degree is on the resume, but at this point, I think my skills probably got me where I’m going. I could be wrong. It’s just a thought.

But that’s not to say I haven’t gotten my share of the comments — “Oh, your Dad get you your degree too?” or “Boy, they just hand ’em out there, don’t they.”

And to be fair, if I was a recent graduate, I’d be freaking out a little, I think. Of course, it’s in my nature to freak out anyway, but still …

Am I wrong? I’m not sure a lawsuit’s going to help, and really, if you’re suing the university, aren’t you just suing taxpayers — i.e., yourself? Suppose this case wins and the university has to pay out a crapload of cash. Didn’t we pay for that? What could you really gain by hurting a college that’s already really hurting?

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