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monday morning poll (only a week overdue …)

I attribute the high proportion of “Michigan” answers to my West Virginia fan base. 🙂

The new one came as a suggestion from the TypeWriter from a discussion in the chatroom last night while my show was going on. I’m curious how college football fans weigh in on this one.


the results: it might be the economy, stupid

As I bought value-brand hot dogs and some off-brand, questionable-looking tortilla chips this weekend, I thought to myself, “Damn you, economy.”

I, however, refused to cheap out on ketchup. Heinz only. Even if I’m scraping pennies out of the cupholder in the car.

But here’s how you voted:

I picked “maybe.” I can choose to be responsible with my cash and invest it in a 401(k) with low-risk investments, but even that wouldn’t have saved you from taking up the tailpipe with this market tank.

And after this weekend, next week’s question sort of wrote itself.


the results: at the copa …

Nobody likes an itch they can’t scratch.

Thanks to TW for weighing in …

And yes, now it really is stuck in my head.

This week’s poll question comes from something we touched on a few times in last night’s Happy Hour — The Show That Never Ends. How much can you really blame the economy for? It sucks, we all know that. But at what point is it just not the economy’s fault?


the (late) results: you don’t like o’reilly

I discovered this … was far easier.

What I found even better were the comments … I left out some OBVIOUS choices!!

I’ve got to say … Jo is right. I can’t believe I left Anderson Cooper off this list. Just the SIGHT of Anderson Cooper is enough to cause me to want to kick a midget and steal his lunch money. Of course, in these tough economic times, I’d steal anybody’s lunch money.

In this week’s abbreviated poll I ask a very simple “Would You Rather” that I thought about on the train yesterday morning. A random little “Would you rather …?” Yes. My brain works that way.


the results: keep yo’ laws off my weddin’

In last week’s Monday Morning Poll, I asked readers, “Do you think it’s the government’s job to be in the business of marriage?”

Here’s what the masses had to say:

Not at all. People can make their own choices. — 64 percent
I could see the need for some regulation. — 21 percent
Yes. The government should define what marriage is. — 14 percent

Clearly, the rumors are true. Nothing but a bunch of liberals hang out here.

Good. 🙂 Lovable Libertarians like me like you.

This Monday’s poll question is dedicated to Election 2008 and the people you’re likely to see on TV a WHOLE LOT in coming days. Who annoys you the most?


the results: you hate complainers

In the inaugural Monday Morning Poll, which asked readers, “What is the most annoying characteristic in a co-worker?” here are the results:

The “Perpetual Sick Day” co-worker: 0 percent
The “I talk on the phone so everybody can hear me” co-worker: 27 percent
The “I don’t believe in sick days” co-worker: 0 percent
The “I’m a giant suck-up” co-worker: 18 percent
The “I loudly complain all of the time” co-worker: 55 percent

This shows … you hate complainers. I didn’t pick that one, though. I picked “I talk on the phone so everybody can hear me.” I worked with a guy like that a few jobs back. He had an unbalanced wife and she’d call him in the mornings on her way to work, inevitably in the throes of some giant crisis, and he’d have to spend 20 minutes assuaging her concerns about her body shape, beauty, fitness to parent animals, etc. It was really distracting and strange. Just … strange.

The new poll is up! This week, I ask you: Do you think it’s the government’s job to be in the business of marriage? I ask this because of some fluff going on back home from a “family values” organization demanding West Virginia’s legislature call a special session making gay marriage illegal. Yeah, good call. ‘Cause that’s why West Virginia’s falling apart. Those tricky gays. They ruin it for everybody.


Monday Morning Poll (Oct. 20 edition)

Because I’m a sucker for widgets and polls, I thought it would be fun every Monday to kick the week off with a poll. The poll will be very, very random — everything from life to love to work to politics to whatever — and I’ll always leave an option for “other” so you can add your own thoughts. 🙂

What better way to get caffeine-deprived, sleepy, dragging office types like us to engage?

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