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my open letter follow up

Apparently, much like EF Hutton, when I talk … people listen.

You may remember Monday’s post about my experience at Organic to Go in McPherson Square. Basically, the guy behind the counter observed that I, Jacque Jo, in fact love delicious organic salad.

I never think when I float these things out here than anybody other than my closest friends and my Mom read this, but I was wrong.

Today, I got an e-mail from the PR firm that represents them in Washington apologizing to me for the guy at the counter. I have to give them mega praise for doing that. They didn’t have to do that. I mean, who the hell am I? Just some liberal conservative misfit who rants and likes the well-honed art of the open letter. I never thought anybody took it seriously.

However, this really nice girl I e-mailed back and forth with assured me they would work to better train their employees on how to behave, say, in a case like mine where the box is laden with lots of delicious organic vegetables to make an epic salad that is to be heartily enjoyed.

I assured her I would still be going to Organic to Go because well, it’s convenient, and it’s really just good. I know if I want salad, it’s there.

But more so, I think I learned a thing or two about “social media” and “Web 2.0” today, you know? Somehow, through the power of the Internets, someone reached out to address my complaint without me even asking anybody to address it. That’s kinda cool in a “wow, I have readers” sort of way.


reader mail!

Paige from Richmond, Va., sends along tonight’s item:

Woman goes down baggage chute at Swedish airport

Is there anything the elderly can’t do? I’m daily thankful for old people.


reader mail!

Sweet Ann of Charleston, W.Va., sends in this gem:

Most Unfortunate Candy

I’ll take “… oh crap” for $500, Alex.

Ah, sometimes they just write themselves, don’t they?


best football jersey ever

This pic comes to me courtesy of my eyes in the field, Economic Friction.

And you thought it was merely a tasty side dish.

A special thanks to my friend for all of the excellence in photography from the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Canton. The pics were very much enjoyed, sir, including the one of your hippie-hating refrigerator.


reader mail!

Angie from Philadelphia writes:

Do you have room for one more?

She’s referring to …

Here kitty, kitty … S.J. officials seek owner of 44-pound cat

I swear, if I thought I even had a fighting chance of getting this animal, I’d go pick her up tomorrow. I want her that much. I think she’d be a fun playmate for Inky and Walter. They’d wear. Her. Out.


Reader mail!

Julie from Charleston, W.Va. sends in this beautiful submission to “On air. Online. On Demand.”:

For the manscaper in your life.

For the manscaper in your life.

Nothing says “sexy” quite like a back sweater, so best I can tell this gadget, spotted at Target, can help you with that issue. Just in time to wrap up beach season the right way!


reader mail!

Ours goes to 11.

Ours goes to 11.

Sweet Ann from Charleston, W.Va., writes:

Dude, twitter or blog or something to remind people to listen to your replay on Tuesday mornings. Cause i forget, and I’m always holed up in Kanawha City watching WKRP and Newhart on Sunday nights now.

Well, Sweet Ann. You’re in luck. Here’s the replay schedule for Happy Hour — The Show That Never Ends. All replays are available at the TalkRadioX Web site or through iTunes Radio at TalkRadioX under the Talk/Spoken Word category.

(Editor’s note: Our Web site hasn’t been updated in a while but we’ll have new stuff soon — everybody’s been very busy at Second Team Productions.)

  • 10 a.m. Tuesday — Hour 1; 6 p.m. Tuesday — full show, two back-to-back hours!
  • 10 a.m. Thursday — Hour 2
  • 7 a.m. Saturday (like anybody’s awake …) — one hour … not sure which one

    And of course, we’re live for two hours every Sunday night at 9 p.m.

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