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a couple of quick pics

So, after a restful weekend, we dive headlong back  into the world of blogging on a federal holiday. Happy Presidents Day, yo. May you reflect on your favorite today.

My favorite president is Andrew Jackson. I like Andrew Jackson because he said, “Hey, so, I got inaugurated today and I’m having a party, so you can come if you want.” And they came. And they trashed the White House. A great example of “a good idea at the time.”

Anyway, on with the picture show!


This is a gift from the Type Writer, a great friend of mine from Florida. He got this as a decoration for our studios. This was inspirational. This will motivate me, I hope, to dig in and find the love I had for doing shows and get cranking again.

And now, today’s mail call:


It says I can create fabulous hairstyles instantly. I’d like to start the Vegas pool on how long it takes tonight before I get one of these stuck in my hair and I have to have Brandon cut it out with scissors. Takers? Anyone?


find me a jolly fat man


Happy Hour — The Show That Never Ends is taking tonight off. Even though the Titans won and Jacque’s still got all of her teeth, we’re very busy around the studio getting prepped for the trip to West Virginia.

While we’re gone, you’ll have your chance to catch up. If the family gets to be too much, there will be a very special pre-recorded Happy Hour Christmas bonanza that will play while we’re gone. We’ll be back next Sunday night for our “It’s the End of the Year as We Know It (and B-Dub is probably pissed off)” special.

For those of you traveling, please be careful. We’re really thankful for the audience we’ve built over the last few months in our new setup and I know we’re really excited about what 2009 will bring. This show wouldn’t mean anything to us without you. If we were interested in hearing ourselves talk, we’d just set up a tape recorder at home and play it when we’re bored.

So, to all, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, have a rocking Kwaanza, Eid your heart out and enjoy the solstice. (I think we covered everybody … eeesh.)


up tonight: the rundown


Ah, kids, only 10 days remain until Christmas Eve. Shopping? What shopping? Well, you still have time to order things online, so why not do that AND listen to us at the same time tonight?

In no particular order, here’s what we’ll be tackling tonight’s edition of Happy Hour – The Show That Never Ends on

* So, we’re sorry your cable box blew up and set your house on fire, but we’re still going to need the $88 for it
* Think you could eat on $1 a day? These people did.
* Hey, let’s go to Google and plan our trip on the D.C. Metro … oh, wait.
* Here’s one black list we all can enjoy — movies that didn’t quite make the cut in 2008. And they say Hollywood has no original ideas!
* Attention Plaxico Burress: “The cat did it” IS a viable excuse
* So the KFC chicken cutlets took a bath in the sink. Wait till you hear what we did during our food service days.
* Stupid criminals, stupid humans, stupid news of the week
* Your calls … anything goes, just dial. It’s 956-790-8255.

We’ll see you at 8 p.m. tonight … we’ll likely have a giveaway or two, so make sure you’re tuned in. Our Big Ass Prize Box is spilling over and we need to make room for new inventory that makes its way here weekly. And, as always, you can hang out with other kids as cool as you in the chat room (click the link on the site. It’s that easy!) or send us a message through the little Chatterbox you see on the page.

Come on. Don’t be the last one that knows what time it is.


monday morning poll (only a week overdue …)

I attribute the high proportion of “Michigan” answers to my West Virginia fan base. 🙂

The new one came as a suggestion from the TypeWriter from a discussion in the chatroom last night while my show was going on. I’m curious how college football fans weigh in on this one.


taking the night off


Greetings, kids! We’re taking tonight off so we can fully sleep off this turkey hangover from Thursday. We’ll be back live and in charge next Sunday night, so how’s about you clear your schedule now for three hours of programming? You’ve got us for two hours followed by the Internet’s BEST music show — The Setlist — right after. That’s a good way to spend your Sunday. 🙂

Keep it tuned to — and go check out the new programming if you haven’t already!


tonight’s (special) show: the rundown

It’s Ladies Night here at Happy Hour — The Show That Never Ends. Well, for at least part of it, anyway.

Join Jacque and host of the Setlist Paige tonight as B-Dub comes in at the beginning but then slinks away to attend to some “business” and continue to softly mourn the defeat of his football team at the hands of a Wrangler Jeans spokesman.

Here are a few things we’ve got on the plate for tonight, but who knows which way this will end up? We’re definitely taking it light tonight because it’s been a long week, we’re about to hit a holiday and everything goes into insanity overdrive from this point forward (Can you say family visits, pumpkin pie, turkey and grandmas with digestive problems? And that’s just the last time Jacque went home.)

* You think your job is stressful? Get a load of these. (It’s no surprise that coming into the holiday shopping frenzy, we feel for our brothers and sisters in retail).

* Was there REALLY a Captain Morgan? Or Jack Daniels? (If only we could manage the in-studio research)

* Eating that will kill you. No! Just kidding. These myths are dying to be destroyed.

* You ever pass a road sign and think, “Hey! That would be a great band name?” I do. Every day. And after seeing this list, it’s a good idea I’m not involved in picking band names.

* Note to people who take nudie pics with their cell phones: Don’t leave it at McDonald’s.

* The traveling stripper pole. Who says the economy’s in the toilet?

* The Roundup — Your look at the week’s odd stories.

* Your calls! (Hey, liberals! This is a B-Dub free week! It’s your chance!!!)

You can send us a message, also, through the little chatterbox you see on the page. And if you’d like to actually be where the action is, click on the “chat” button and hang out in the room with the rest of us.

We’ll be live at 8 p.m., so we hope you can make it. Yes, we know that ’24’ comes back tonight, but that’s why TiVo exists. Nobody loves Jack Bauer more than me, and I’m putting him on hold.



This may be the most specific search term used to find my blog … ever.

Well, in case you didn’t find what you were looking for, you can download the podcast (as soon as I put it up) RIGHT HERE. Or, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, just go ahead and visit either our show’s home page or the home page for Radio 360 Talk. What you looked for in Google just gave you a list of categories for my blog (obviously) and one of the press releases announcing that the station carries the Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show.

Or, you could just e-mail me and ask about what you’re looking for. Either way. Your BlackBerry is capable of it.

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