tonight’s (special) show: the rundown

It’s Ladies Night here at Happy Hour — The Show That Never Ends. Well, for at least part of it, anyway.

Join Jacque and host of the Setlist Paige tonight as B-Dub comes in at the beginning but then slinks away to attend to some “business” and continue to softly mourn the defeat of his football team at the hands of a Wrangler Jeans spokesman.

Here are a few things we’ve got on the plate for tonight, but who knows which way this will end up? We’re definitely taking it light tonight because it’s been a long week, we’re about to hit a holiday and everything goes into insanity overdrive from this point forward (Can you say family visits, pumpkin pie, turkey and grandmas with digestive problems? And that’s just the last time Jacque went home.)

* You think your job is stressful? Get a load of these. (It’s no surprise that coming into the holiday shopping frenzy, we feel for our brothers and sisters in retail).

* Was there REALLY a Captain Morgan? Or Jack Daniels? (If only we could manage the in-studio research)

* Eating that will kill you. No! Just kidding. These myths are dying to be destroyed.

* You ever pass a road sign and think, “Hey! That would be a great band name?” I do. Every day. And after seeing this list, it’s a good idea I’m not involved in picking band names.

* Note to people who take nudie pics with their cell phones: Don’t leave it at McDonald’s.

* The traveling stripper pole. Who says the economy’s in the toilet?

* The Roundup — Your look at the week’s odd stories.

* Your calls! (Hey, liberals! This is a B-Dub free week! It’s your chance!!!)

You can send us a message, also, through the little chatterbox you see on the page. And if you’d like to actually be where the action is, click on the “chat” button and hang out in the room with the rest of us.

We’ll be live at 8 p.m., so we hope you can make it. Yes, we know that ’24’ comes back tonight, but that’s why TiVo exists. Nobody loves Jack Bauer more than me, and I’m putting him on hold.


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