sometimes, i amaze myself

This morning, I walked out of the apartment (and down four flights of stairs and half way across the parking lot before it hit me) without my BlackBerry. SIGH.

I’m legendary for being, well … absentminded. It’s amazing to me that I can go into the Shoppers and have to think about where I put the car, but I can tell you the intricate plot details of the episode of Mr. Belvedere where Kevin starts drinking and the family has to intervene and there’s touching soft music at the end.

So as I sit here at work in the middle of a big task list, it won’t surprise those who know me that this song starts playing in my head:

Yes. That’s from Square One Television. The children’s show about … math. I could also sing to you the songs for “8 Percent of My Love,” “The Mathematics of Love” and “Nine Nine Nine.” My sister constantly finds herself in utter amazement at the mundane details I can recall on command. She calls at least once a week to ask me who sings what, or what TV show someone was on.

But as I get things ready to walk out, it’s occurring to me that I’m not sure where my Metro card is and I may have forgotten to pay the cable bill.

I’m a mess.


1 Response to “sometimes, i amaze myself”

  1. November 1, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    the locations of communications equipment, transit cards, restaurant take-home boxes and their ilk are ram; the particulars of music and video are rom.

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