that’s gonna … leave a mark

OK, I’m widely … widely … known for making “snap decisions” and then having chaotic fallout.

(The greatest example of this, in my opinion, would be this grand plan to just leave a warm, safe, fuzzy, secure, relatively low-demand job in a place where everybody knew my name and I had friends and family as far as the eye could see and move to this odd place you all call “our nation’s capital” and take a job that puts me at work about 11 to 12 hours a day and on trains with people I can’t wait to make characters in a book.)

But, I digress.

I think there are some decisions you really can’t take back. My ex-husband putting me out on the street with nothing but what I could fit in a Nike bag? Yeah. You can’t take that one back. Going to Sheetz in Weston, W.Va., and getting plowed on an open highway by an old person? As much as I’d like … can’t take that one back either.

A sex change.

Wait, wait. No. I’ve not had one. Although some have called my personality “distinctly male” I would make the worst looking dude in history. Dudes are not shaped like bowling pins. Foxy bowling pins, but bowling pins nonetheless.

But it does look like there’s at least one guy who’s trying to take back his sex change.

Meet Mike Penner. Christine Daniels.

Christine Daniels Mike Penner is a sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times. In 2007, he she wrote a column in which she said she was going on vacation for a few weeks and when she came back, he’d she’d be known as Christine Daniels. He didn’t say whether he was actually having surgery, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to presume that he actually had his bits altered.

So, in today’s reading, after 18 months of living as Christine Daniels, I see this — Mike Penner returns to Los Angeles Times — and I’m kind of confused.

Now, first, before anybody accuses me of being some sort of right-wing conservative hater, I’m not. I fully embrace his decision to shed the albatross that was keeping him down, the charade of living as something he’s not and live how he feels best. What perplexes me is how that thought process changes so drastically. There’s this massive production made about your switch from a man to a woman, you give it a go for a year and a half, and now you quietly slink back into the pages with your male name and nobody’s saying a word.

Sure, I get it. It’s a personal decision. And I respect that. But I just don’t get how this is one you go back on. That’s an awfully big “my bad … changed my mind.”

There’s a lot more to this story we’re not hearing about, but I’m willing to bet it starts trickling out. I’m very curious. What could cause such a flip? I just think gender reassignment is NOT one of those “well, it seemed like a good idea at the time” kind of decisions.


2 Responses to “that’s gonna … leave a mark”

  1. October 25, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    My thinking is that he or his employer owes the public an explanation, since they chose to be public 18 months ago about his/her personal lifestyle choices. The alterna-weekly L.A. Observed, I think, will probably get to the bottom of this at some point. It always seems to be plugged in to good L.A. media gossip.

  2. 2 girlofwords
    October 25, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    Yeah, I’m just curious more than anything. They made such a huge production of it when he went to she that it seems kind of cowardly to just slide him back in there and pretend the she thing never happened.

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