Oh, it’s on again? Really?

This wouldn\'t be a bad idea.

This wouldn't be a bad idea.

In today’s otherwise benign adventures of me …

I’m watching “The Devil’s Advocate.” I think somehow, Regency Pictures negotiated with cable companies across the country that this movie be on about once — if not more — a day on some channel. Today, it’s on Encore’s Mystery channel — twice. In case you’re missing it now and you’ve really motivated, it’ll be on at 8 p.m. Yes. That’s right. Just more than six hours from now.

The highlight of this movie, I think, is the lesson we all can take from Charlize Theron — cutting your long, blonde, curly hair into a straight, brunette bob makes you lose your mind and see things.

Of course, Al Pacino offers up several nuggets of wisdom in it — “find the talent and delegate” and “always negotiating.” It also helps that he’s Satan and can speak a variety of languages and take on many other human forms. This may make my trip into the city every morning easier if I had those kinds of skills.

I’ve probably seen this movie at least 100 times but I’m watching it again because it’s Saturday, I’m lazy, I have nothing better to do at the minute and in the event that I decide it’s nap time, I can just plop over, curl up and sleep with it on and know I’m not missing anything important.

Also on right now in the Encore family of channels — “Dirty Dancing.” Yep. Guilty. Another movie I’ve seen countless times but will watch if it’s on because I like comfortable, easy and little-hassle TV.

A life principle to keep in mind:
The movies you want to watch will always be on the channels you don’t pay for UNTIL you subscribe to them. At that point, nothing you want to watch ever will be on every channel you have.

But there’s always OnDemand. Last week, I went through the OnDemand and found the “Dating OnDemand” channel. Let me tell you … if you live somewhere that you have this (and I’m thinking you may have to be a Comcast customer) I suggest watching every single profile. It may be the hardest I’ve laughed in weeks. They’ve also got select clips of “Cheaters,” and well, if you know me, you know that made my week.

It’s the schadenfreude of it all … you watch shows like that and think, “Well, at least someone out there’s having a worse day than I am.”

(Wow … Saturday ramblings. Can’t beat ’em. Better shower up. There’s got to be something downtown more entertaining than this goin’ on.)


2 Responses to “Oh, it’s on again? Really?”

  1. 1 Joe
    July 21, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    I too have seen this movie 100 times. Maybe 93 . . anyway, my favorite line is “I’m a fan of Man!” Just because it’s such a perfect example of over-the-top, chest puffing, scenery-chewing ham acting that it’s priceless. That whole monologue is just brilliant.

    And I love your bob.

  2. July 21, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    Al Pacino is a giant ham in this movie. Maybe that’s what I like. Over the top Al Pacino makes me smile.

    I love my bob, too. I didn’t have curly blonde hair before, so I think I’m in the clear with losing my mind and seeing things. Well, at least with the “seeing things” part.

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